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Dell E6530

Intel Corei5 2.7Ghz, 4GB RAM, 15.6'' LCD SCreen, 250GB SSD HD

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With a Solid State Hard Drive and 1GB Dedicated Graphics Card, this high spec laptop is perfect for high resolution graphics.


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Why use IT rentals for Dell E6530 ?

If your business requires affordable Dell E6530 , then we will be just the ticket. We have years of experience and will ensure you will enjoy a high quality service level. We will only provide models which are up to date when hiring a Dell E6530, so without question you will enjoy excellent equipment. So for the best Dell E6530 rental experience in the UK, speak to IT rentals.

What service does IT Rentals offer for IT equipment hire?

From the initial phone call right through to the complimentary after care service, IT Rentals guarantees a customer-focussed, personal service, no matter how large or small your requirements. Think carefully about your business needs, give us a call and the friendly team will patiently and competently browse our systems to supply you with the perfect IT equipment rental option for your business needs. And it doesn't stop there - other fantastic IT Rentals services include installation support, assistance with construction upon delivery and a bespoke personal option so your hire goods can be branded with your company name and logo. Call us today to find out why the IT Rentals service is second to none.

How long can I hire IT equipment with IT Rentals?

Expertly trained, the team at IT Rentals are adept at providing Professional IT equipment rental options for companies of all shapes and sizes on a short term basis. Choose to rent IT equipment for as little as 1 day or for as long as 3 months - however long your chosen rental period, you'll receive fantastic loyalty discounts and low hire prices every time. Discover how great short term IT equipment rental could be for your business by getting in touch with the IT Rentals team right now.

Who uses IT Rentals for IT equipment hire?

You'll be amazed by the number of people who use IT Rentals for IT equipment hire! We provide products which are hired by start-up technology firms, advertising executives, estate agencies and people working from home. Anybody can benefit from the equipment we offer so check the site or call us up to get a no obligation quote regarding your desired item that could be a kiosk, fax machine or laptop - the choice is yours.

Top 10 equipment hire purposes

  • New businesses
  • Impress clients with new technology
  • Surfing the internet
  • Create adverts
  • Write documents
  • Image editing
  • Website designing

What can I use IT equipment for?

  • Create effective powerpoint or keynote presentations
  • Printing facility
  • Speed up work
  • Design and edit images
  • Create and edit videos
  • E-mail contacts
  • Design effective websites
  • Create text documents

When might I hire IT equipment?

  • Staff inductions or training exercises
  • One-off project development
  • Trade fairs or exhibitions
  • Launches of new products
  • Product testing
  • Temporary increased workload
  • To test whether equipment purchase is necessary
  • Corporate awards events

Why hire laptops with IT Rentals?

If you're looking to hire a laptop then you definitely need to get in touch with IT Rentals. The hard working team always deliver a speedy, budget-friendly service which makes hiring a laptop the obvious solution! Choose IT Rentals for laptop hire and you could benefit from no maintenance costs, the latest software and a great affordable rental price, whether you hire a laptop for a day or 3 months. Contact IT Rentals for more details today.

Who hires laptops?

From universities to accountancy firms, laptop hire is a popular choice for businesses who feel traditional laptop purchase isn't the best option for their needs. Top businesses who regularly choose to hire laptops include advertising agencies, exhibiting businesses and marketing firms. Discover how great laptop hire could be for your business by contacting the IT Rentals team today.

What are the advantages of laptop hire?

From no maintenance fees to affordable monthly costs, laptop rental is full of advantages for all firms. Top laptop hire benefits include a laptop which is always brand new, industry standard programmes and protection against accidental damage at all times. A personalisation service is also offered by IT Rentals which means the lid of your hired laptop can be branded with your logo. Call the IT Rentals team for more details today.

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