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HP 380UK Workstation

Intel Core i7-860 2.80GHz, 8GB RAM, 1TB HD, GTX260 1.8GB Dedicated Graphics

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Windows 7 64Bit


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Why use IT rentals for HP 380UK Workstation ?

If you're on the lookout for HP 380UK Workstation , then IT rentals are the people to speak to. We have years of experience and will ensure you will get the best service possible. We only use high quality products when it comes to hiring a HP 380UK Workstation, so you can rest assured you'll be using the very best equipment. Why go anywhere else for HP 380UK Workstation rental, put your faith in IT rentals.

What are the advantages of IT equipment hire?

Information Technology (IT) is the cornerstone of a number of modern companies, so it is vital to have properly functioning computing technology to remain ahead of the competition. This technology however, has quite a high rate of depreciation in cost and in a very short time, it could become completely redundant to company use. When you use IT Rentals, you are guaranteed to have any and all of your technological requirements comprehensively fulfilled,

What service does IT Rentals offer for IT equipment hire?

From the minute you phone us right through to the second your hire item leaves your premises, IT Rentals is proud to offer an excellent, acknowledged service for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Think carefully about your business needs, give us a call and the friendly team will patiently and competently browse our systems to supply you with the perfect short term rental choice to suit your individual demands. Other key IT Rentals services include custom installation, assistance with construction upon delivery and a fantastic personalisation service. Get in touch with IT Rentals today to find out more.

How long can I hire IT equipment with IT Rentals?

Expertly trained, the team at IT Rentals are adept at providing Professional IT equipment rental options for companies of all shapes and sizes for a succinct period of time. Commit to rent IT equipment for the minimum of just 1 day or for as long as 3 months and you'll receive fantastic loyalty discounts and great hire offers with each and every visit. Identify the latest short term IT equipment hire offers by contacting IT Rentals today.

When might I hire IT equipment?

  • Accounting exams
  • Trade shows for individual industries
  • Company training or inductions
  • Awards evenings or events
  • Conferences and presentations
  • Special digital projects
  • Development of software

Top 10 equipment hire purposes

  • Web-browsing
  • Effective compiling of data on spreadsheets
  • Ensuring computer can run certain software
  • Save company expenses
  • Optimising creation of website design
  • Companies/clients will be impressed with technology
  • Typing up documents

What service does IT Rentals offer for equipment hire?

  • Neatly packaged items
  • Trustworthy deliveries
  • Quotes over the phone
  • Professional guidance
  • Hire costs online
  • Simple ordering system
  • Assistance with technology questions
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