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Mac Pro 4 Core 2.26Ghz

Two 2.26GHz Dual Core Xeon Processors, 4GB RAM

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Why use IT Rentals for 4 core Mac Pro hire?

Whether you're looking to hire a 4 core Mac Pro for a single day or a few weeks, IT Rentals can help! The PC for serious Apple enthusiasts, the 4 core Mac Pro features an impressive 6GB of memory, a 1TB hard drive and two quad core Xeon processors up to 2.4GHz which equates to a super-fast load up time and generous storage capabilities. Almost unrivalled in the current PC market, the quad core Mac Pro is hard to beat. Whatever your reasons for wanting to hire a Mac Pro, IT Rentals is the ideal solution. Our aim is to ensure you get the right computer for your needs so we work hard to offer a full Mac Pro hire service to each and every customer.

No matter how long your quad-core Mac Pro hire period, you can rest assured you'll always receive fast delivery, full HAE insurance, a competitive price and a PC with the latest version of OS X Lion with all Apple rental orders. Not sure if you need a 4 core or 8 core Mac Pro? The team at IT Rentals are more than happy to discuss your PC needs with you. What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone today!

When might I need to hire a quad-core Mac Pro?

Quad-core Mac Pros sit right at the top end of the advanced PC market which means they tend to be used when serious computing work is involved. Quad-core Mac Pros are the perfect hire choice if you need to build complicated websites, edit advanced video film footage, build advanced web tools and applications, design products or work on a number of platforms or systems at the same time.

Also perfect for designing digital displays which need to be shared on a projector and creating high spec advertising, the quad-core Mac Pro has been designed to handle complicated projects with ease. In addition to advanced web projects, the 4 core Mac Pro is also brilliant for simple tasks such as office projects, web browsing and watching films and videos. Call us for a free quad-core 2.4GHz Mac Pro hire quote today.

Why use IT rentals for Mac Pro 4 Core 2.26Ghz ?

If you're on the lookout for Mac Pro 4 Core 2.26Ghz , then IT rentals are who you should talk to. We specialise in providing a quality experience ensuring you will get the best service possible. We only issue the finest quality items when it comes to hiring a Mac Pro 4 Core 2.26Ghz, so without question you will enjoy excellent equipment. For the complete Mac Pro 4 Core 2.26Ghz solution, use IT rentals.

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