42inch Interactive Pedestal Hire

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42inch Interactive Pedestal

This kiosk is the ideal solution to display branding, websites and any kind of interactive information.

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Why use IT rentals for ?

If your business requires affordable , then we will be just the ticket. Our people will be on hand to ensure you will get the best service possible. We upgrade our machines constantly when it comes to hiring a , so you can be in no doubt over the quality of our equipment. For the best experience in rental, alwalys trust IT rentals.

Why might I need to hire digital signage?

There are all kinds of circumstances when companies need digital signage hire for a trade or industry event. Interactive information is key to digital signage and it is also the ideal medium for placing advertisements or providing brand messages to specifically targeted locations. IT Rentals are your digital signage hire experts.

Who hires Digital Signage?

A variety of companies use the excellent products in our digital signage range and reap the benefits of it. Businesses looking to advertise in a different way turn to digital signage courtesy of IT Rentals in order to speak to a specific audience in a location that encourages sales. Whatever your business goals, we can help you find the right digital signs for your needs.

What is digital signage hire?

Digital siganage hire is the hiring out of interactive display screens that have a variety of different practical applications. They are perfect for conferencing events, fund raising activities, the launch of a product, museum exhibits and are also a great way to greet customers to an office. Digital signage can be used for these purposes as it is a great way to display videos & music, it is interactive, can display detailed information and can be used to give thorough presentations.

Top uses for digital signage hire

  • Exhibitions and trade fairs
  • Conferences in hotels
  • Large scale pitches
  • Product launches
  • Gallery exhibitions
  • Outdoor events
  • TV production

Advantages of hiring digital signage

  • It can be a good way to record the responses of clients
  • A great way to display and update an events schedule
  • Can be installed with minimum effort
  • Displays animations and pictures
  • Customers will be drawn to it
  • Can be a good conversation starter
  • A more affordable way to great guests
  • Effectively greet potential customers
  • Good way to impress clients
  • Creates a focus for clients

When to hire digital signage?

  • As part of the launch of a new product
  • To collect data from clients or customers
  • As a way to welcome clients
  • To provide a map in a shopping centre
  • As part of a business event
  • As a way to promote your business
  • To attract potential clients or customers
  • To go at the front of your building
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