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42inch Digital Signage Pillar

This attention grabbing pillar has a 1080p resolution and stands high at over 2 metres tall making it good for displaying your company website.


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Why use IT rentals for ?

If you're looking for , then IT rentals are who you should talk to. We have a wealth of industry knowledge ensuring you will enjoy a high quality service level. We always use the latest models when it comes to hiring a , so without question you will enjoy excellent equipment. So for the best rental experience in the UK, speak to IT rentals.

Who hires Digital Signage?

Various companies and businesses use the power of digital signage and would recommend it highly. Businesses hoping to advertise their products look to digital signage from IT Rentals in order to speak to a specific audience in a strategically chosen location. We can find the ideal digital signs for you.

Why might I need to hire digital signage?

There are a number of reasons why businesses choose to hire digital signage for a launch event or a corporate show. Providing informative interaction is the role of digital signage and it can also be utilised in advertising or providing brand messages to specifically targeted locations. IT Rentals are your digital signage hire experts.

What is digital signage hire?

Renting digital signage means that you can gain access to LCD screens that are embedded in stands for a plethora of varied uses. They can be used for charity events, the launch of new products, business conferences, museum exhibits and are even used as a way to welcome people to an office building. It is ideal for these purposes as it is an interactive way to display information, can display information, videos, music and can be used to give key business presentations.

Top uses for digital signage hire

  • Large venue demonstrations
  • Launching products
  • In-store promotions
  • Shopping malls
  • Media production
  • Pitches on a large scale
  • Hotel conferences
  • Trade shows and fairs
  • Art shows

Advantages of hiring digital signage

  • Can be fitted with ease
  • It can be a good way to interact with people
  • Good way to display videos
  • Creates the right impression
  • Great way to connect with customers
  • Gives guests something to talk about
  • It can attract a lot of people
  • A good focus point for guests
  • A way to inform guests of the what will happen

When to hire digital signage?

  • As a way to introduce your company to clients
  • For a business meeting or event
  • To be a novelty for potential customers
  • In a game or video shop to display media
  • To help customers navigate a shopping centre
  • At an event to promote your company
  • A good focal point for an entrance
  • At a charity event
  • To introduce customers to a new product
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