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15,000 Lumens Projector


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Why use IT rentals for 15,000 Lumens Projector ?

If your business requires affordable 15,000 Lumens Projector , then we will be just the ticket. We have a wealth of industry knowledge ensuring you will enjoy a high quality service level. We upgrade our machines constantly when it comes to hiring a 15,000 Lumens Projector, so you can be in no doubt over the quality of our equipment. Why go anywhere else for 15,000 Lumens Projector rental, put your faith in IT rentals.

What is AV equipment?

IT Rentals specialises items of AV equipment which can also be called 'audio visual'. These comprise equipment that are commonly used for entertainment and business meetings such as video cameras and projection support and set equipment for lighting and staging. You can even hire items like interactive whiteboards.

Why use AV equipment hire?

You may only require the use of AV equipment on a short-term basis for a specific aspect of your business operation. This could leave you with items that are not being used taking up space, so you could simply rent relevant AV equipment rather than purchasing it outright. This can save you a great deal of money, as well as time and effort and ensure that the deal is suited to your company requirements. For more information on what IT Rentals can do for your company, call us today.

Does IT Rentals provide AV equipment hire for private individuals? loyalty discounts

Businesses of any size are qualified to benefit from hiring AV equipment from IT Rentals. Media consultancies, information technology start ups and chartered surveyors have temporarily used projector systems to run visual charts or arranged a video conferencing fitting on their office site. Plus larger firms can benefit from loyalty schemes, which will result in a cheaper deal that is easier to contend with.

Why hire AV equipment with IT Rentals?

  • Try out models
  • Vast array of goods
  • Careful transit
  • Over ten years of experience in the industry
  • Pleasant service
  • Giant warehouse facility
  • Dependable couriers

When do businesses hire AV equipment?

  • For the creation of an impressive presentation
  • Improving company displays
  • During office move
  • Staging facilities
  • To create an advertisement
  • Recording voice-over for advert
  • Podcasts

Top 10 AV equipment options

  • Intelligent moving light
  • 42" LCD display
  • LCD wall
  • Interactive whiteboard
  • Floor standing projector screen
  • 6 channel mixing desk
  • Lumens projector
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