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Constantly working on the go? Forget a chunky laptop! A slimline tablet for hire from IT Rentals is the obvious answer. Lightweight and professional; tablet hire is a fantastic option for businesses looking to increase productivity out of the office.

Or are you looking for something different for your event? The portability of tablets means they're great for data capture or marketing offering great usability for all generations.

With a range of both IOS and Android tablet options to hire, it's clear you're going to be spoilt for choice when you choose to rent a tablet with IT Rentals today. All our tablet hires are Wi-Fi compatible and come installed with the latest iOS, Android or Microsoft Windows operating system packages. Browse IT Rentals today and choose from fantastic, affordable options like the New iPad from Apple or the Microsoft Surface RT tablet, either of which is more than capable for meeting all business needs.

Hiring a tablet makes it so easy to complete key tasks with the huge range of apps available for download from the App Stores, whether this be from the Apple App Store for the iPad tablet or from the Google Play store for the Android tablets, you are sure to be able to complete any task. For the latest tablet hire deals call the team at IT Rentals today.

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Tablet computers have quickly become one of the most versatile pieces of technology available on the market. With new generation devices such as the Kindle Fire, Androids, iPadís and systems which run through Windows operating system (OS), the choice of tablets to rent has never been so varied. All of these different devices come with some of the latest applications and technologies, and that isnít even covering the now standard cameras and sound recording features.

One of the things that separate tablet devices from computers is just how easy they are to use at even the most important of events you may be attending. They are incredibly easy to transport compared to a full computer set. You arenít confined to one location with a tablet, making them a great option if you have to travel regularly throughout the day.

Some tablets, such as the iPad and Android devices, are larger versions of their smartphone counterparts. Theyíre more suited for App use, and with Apple iPads having over 475,000 Applications alone, there will be no loss for choice. Tablet computers have quickly established themselves as an incredibly useful device to own. In May 2013, a study showed that over 70% of mobile developers were specifically targeting tablet computers. There is literally an App for everything, so no matter what you use your tablet for, there will be an application that is best suited for you.

One of the biggest questions is, which tablet is best for you?


iPads are one of the most popular tablet devices that you can find on the market. They are designed incredibly well, and are also very easy to use.

Every single iPad that we supply is updated to the latest iOS operating system. The iOS 7 introduces a brand new sleek design that is not only stylish, but incredibly functional. This new iPad iOS introduced the Control Center. You no longer have to go through endless setting screens to turn on certain features. The control centre allows you to have quick access to key features such as Airplane Mode, Wi-fi, Do Not Disturb, Rotation Lock and Bluetooth. This can be invaluable if you want to save time.

Following the sleek design of the iOS, the iPad continues to be well made. They are lightweight and very smart to look at. It doesnít matter what situation you end up using your iPad for, it will be easy to transport while still looking professional.

iOS 7 doesnít just stop there. The new feature, Air Drop, allows for quick and simple file sharing. All you need is a good Wifi connection and you can easily transfer any file with a swipe of the finger. Siri is a voice activated application that can assist you with various activities. It can call someone for you, set specific dates, and that is only naming a few of its special features. iCloud is a fantastic feature that comes with Apple devices. iCloud connects to every Apple device you own, meaning you can transfer files and applications between your various devices.

A lot of people, especially business people, use Mac computers in the work place. iPads use the same programmes that Mac operating systems. If you are used to constantly using a Mac computer, you may find it easier to use an iPad compared to a different tablet device. iPads are also incredibly easy to navigate. If it is your first time using a tablet, it is recommended that you use an iPad.

The standard Apps that can be found on an iPad include Calendar, Notes, Maps, iTunes, Face Time and Photo Booth. There are thousands of Apps that are available from iTunes at a simple touch of a screen. When you rent an iPad from IT Rentals, you can use your very own iTunes account to download any Apps that you already own. If you donít already have an iTunes account, or thereís an App you want for the time you use the iPad, we can install it for before delivery for a small charge.

Apple have been making tablet devices for a longer time than other competitors. This means that they have a large variety of Apps throughout their market. Apple also have deals where they are able to put different Apps onto their store before any other company. If you donít want to wait for upto a month for a specific application then an iPad is a great choice.

Itís clear to see why the iPad is one of the most popular tablets on the rental market. They come with competitive prices, and they also have various accessories and display solutions. By supplying these applications and different display solutions, iPads are accommodating towards all kinds of people, no matter what their technical skill. iPads are very versatile, different schools now use them as a standard piece of equipment in the classroom.

iPads also have the highest resolution display throughout all tablet devices. Because of this, Apps look absolutely stunning. With the resolution display being so high, you can easily read information on the screen. Some people use iPads in demonstrations, as the high resolution makes it easier for people to read.

Battery life can be a concern for a lot of people. There isnít anything worse than using a device, and then partway through the day, the screen switches off. Depending where you are, you may not be near to any charging devices, and you might not have the time to wait around for it to fully charge. Thankfully, iPads are well known for having a great battery life, making them useful for exhibitions.

One of the greatest things about iPads is that the models are regularly updated. Apple has spent time to make the iPad a tablet suitable for everyone. The iPad Air is incredibly light whilst iPad Minis are more compact, making them very easy to transport.


Android is Apples main competitor. They are often just as good as any Apple product, and sometimes even better.

Here at IT Rentals, we can supply both Samsung Galaxy or Google Nexus tablet devices. Both the Samsung Galaxy and Google Nexus were made to rival the Apple iPad. A lot of people prefer the iPad over certain design choices, but that doesnít mean that you should completely ignore these two tablets.

With tablets, size matters, but it doesnít always mean that the bigger a device is, the better it is. The Galaxy tablet is available in either 7 or 10.1 inches. The Nexus comes as a 7 inch model. The 7 inch models are smaller than the iPad, making them a lot easier to hold, as well as easier to transport. The 7 inch model are better to use with a single person or small group, whereas the 10.1 inch model can be suitable for exhibitions.

Connectivity is an important part of any tablet. You may need to access certain data that is stored online, or you might want to contact someone through skype. The Galaxy tablet has two choices, either with Wifi only, or with a 3G pre loaded sim card. It can depend on the situation you are in, so choose the correct choice of connectivity that will be available for you.

When you choose an Android tablet device, you have the choice of either Jelly Bean OS or Ice Cream Sandwich. Both of these devices are fast and stylish. They can be a joy to use, just as much as iOS 7. Ice Cream Sandwich is the latest OS, so it can be faster in certain aspects.

The standard OS Apps you can find on these devices are Maps, Chrome, Google+, PlayMusic and Gmail. Some businesses use Google+ and Gmail, making these tablets a more appealing option. The built in AllShare application allows you to transfer between the majority of devices, unlike iPads that can only share between other Apple products. There are plenty of Apps that are available to download from the Google Play store. The front and rear cameras are easy to use, and they can capture videos and photos in HD.

One of the best things about these two tablets is that they are highly customisable. You can change themes, programs and even the keyboard to something more suited to you. iPads are more limited, letting users only customise ringtones and wallpapers. With iPads, you are stuck with only using Apple technology to connect and charge the device. The Galaxy and Nexus are USB compatible, meaning you can use a variety of leads and chords with them.

Windows OS

Windows tablets are preferred by a lot of PC users, as they off the same OS they are used to using on a computer. This familiarity goes onto to the programmes used on these tablets. They have easy access to Word, Excel, Outlook and Powerpoint, which other devices donít supply. These are the full programmes as well, not just an App versions. There is also an RT version you can use which has an App based operating system. The Windows surface tab has a 10.6 inch display, meaning that it is a great tablet to use for exhibitions.

Windows have made sure not to ignore the fact that people love Apps, so they have a Windows store. In this store you can find various applications that have been specially designed for a Windows OS. The built in Apps you can find include Mail, Calendar and Photos.

The USB and video out features allow for a greater functionality with other devices, as well as storage devices. The Windows 8 OS was specifically designed for touch screen devices, meaning that Windows tablet devices run specially well. These Windows tablets are fully compatible with any other Windows platform. It works exactly how you would expect a laptop to.

If you arenít a fan of touch screen typing, then there is a QWERTY touch cover available. Itís just like using a laptop keyboard. The interface of a Windows OS is easily customisable, so you can make it more suitable for your own personal needs.

One of the best things about Windows OS is how they are compatible with a keyboard and mouse. This allows you to feel like youíre using a PC, compared to other tablet devices.

Kindle Fire

People often assume that a Kindle device is just made for reading, but the Kindle Fire is more than just an e-reader. They are incredibly simple to use, no matter if you are an adult or child. Because of the simplicity of use, they are great devices to leave out on display for people to use.

The Kindle Fire has a 7 inch display and a dual core processor. There is a 8.9 inch model available, if you prefer a larger screen.

The Amazon App store has thousands of Apps to choose from that have been specially designed on the Kindle Fire. The standard Apps include a calendar and mail. The mail is compatible with both Gmail and Outlook.

The Kindle Fire uses its very own OS system, Fire OS. The latest version is 3.0 Mojito, and it rivals Android and even iOS 7. Some of the Kindle Fire models are available with 4G capability and even dual camera.

One of the unique applications that the Kindle Fire has is WhisperSync. Whispersync can be used to stream films from the Kindle Fire, to another screen. This a great tablet to use if you are doing a presentation and you want to show off a video to the audience.

All of these tablet devices are great to use, and they can be a great benefit for you. They can be used in conferences, exhibitions, schools and many other places. It all boils down to personal preference. A tablet can be a preferable alternative to a computer, as ease of access is not something computers offer. Here at IT Rentals, we have a team of experts that can provide you with highest quality tablets that you can find on the market. Get in contact today, and we can help answer any queries you may have.

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If you're looking for Tablet Hire , then IT rentals is the right choice for you. Our staff are experts in this field meaning you will receive a first class level of service. We only use high quality products when it comes to hiring a Tablet Hire, so you can be in no doubt over the quality of our equipment. So for the best Tablet Hire rental experience in the UK, speak to IT rentals.

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