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If you're looking for a stylish manufacturer which is always in fashion then it has to be Apple. In demand and contemporary; Apple is a manufacturer which produces sleek, sophisticated designs time after time. Popular with creative companies and new media organisations; Apple Macintosh equipment is a great alternative to Microsoft Windows-based hardware, and, with the latest Mac OS X Lion (10.7) or Snow Leopard (10.6) operating system built in, are ready for any challenge.

Need something on the move? Why not take a look at the new Apple iPads? Fresh and intuitive, the Apple iPad is the latest must-have gadget for anyone needing a portable tablet on short term hire. Need something a bit bigger? Not a problem! IT Rentals has a great range of Apple Macintosh desktop computers, laptops and servers ready and waiting to be hired today.

Popular Apple Macintosh rental options include Macbook Pro 15" hire, iMac 27" rental and MacBook Air 13" short term hire. Affordable and professional; the Apple Macintosh products available at IT Rentals all come with HAE insurance and are available to rent between 1 day and 3 months. For more details or for the latest Apple Macintosh short term hire deals, call IT Rentals today. 

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Without even a single doubt it’s clear to see that Apple are the pioneers when it comes to modern technology. With so many innovations that other companies try to replicate but never quite match the high levels of quality, it’s easy to see why they’re top of the market.

As you look at the products that Apple have created, you’ll start to wonder how other businesses can compete with their range of products. There are very few products on the market that offer the connectivity, stability and ease of use that Apple do.

Here at ITR, we have a range of apple equipment that you can make the most out of. We’re actually one of the largest stockists of Mac on the rental market, offering iMacs, Cinema Screens, Mac Mini’s, Mac Pro’s, Apple TV’s and Macbook’s. We also have iPads as well, which are one of our most popular options.


As iPads are just one of the many popular products that Apple create, we ensure that we have enough to satisfy demand. As a matter of fact, we have over 1000 iPads in our stocks, with them ranging from 2nd to 5th generation. The majority of this stock has retina display for you to enjoy, with the largest resolution being 2048x1536.

You have the choice of WiFi only iPads, or models that come with either 3G or 4G. If you choose the latter option then you are provided with a Pay As You Go data sim which can be topped up when it’s required. MiFi hotspots is an option for internet connectivity which allows you to connect multiple iPads at one time.

When you choose any apple product you can expect a multitude of Apps, and the iPad is no different. We are able to pre install any Apps you may want, whether it be from the App Store or custom made.

Every iPad is upgraded to iOS7 which has a multitude of impressive features. Airdrop is a new addition that allows you to share a variety of documents with a simple tap to the contact you want to share it with. The upgraded control centre makes it much quicker to gain access to various controls. Siri has also been upgraded, with it having a new interface and more sources to retrieve answers.

As more and more conferences are strictly paperless, making iPads popular for people that work in a business. They can be used for data capture, event registration, demoing products, browsing websites and even for feedback, making them even more useful than a standard notepad.


We have a wide choice when it comes to Macbook’s to hire. These are used by a lot of designers and developers as they’re easy to use and work well with creative applications. The latest MacBook with Retina display has a massive screen resolution which is perfect for designers to look at every aspect of their piece in great detail. They also work well in exhibition environments, giving customers a good impression.

Mac Pro

There are old and new style Mac Pro Towers available for you to choose from; it all falls down to personal preference and what processing power you need. Model versions we have in stock are 4, 8 and 12 Core, which come in the original style. If you want the newest style, then we have the Mac Pro 6 Core and 12 core available. It’s smaller, lighter and far more powerful than its previous models.


If you want an apple product that has high performance without sacrificing on space, then the iMac is best for you. We have 21 inch and 27 inch models available, which is why designers love the large display and the top end graphics.

There is the new slim line iMac available as well which is only a staggering 5mm thin. No matter which iMac you go for, you can expect a Bluetooth keyboard as well as a magic mouse. We also have wired mice and keyboards if you prefer added security.

Apple TV

The Apple TV is great for displaying photographs to a screen. The Apple TV is mainly hired for “Airplay Mirroring” which links the Apple TV and an iPad together and allows the iPad screen to be displayed on a large screen over a WiFi network. This is great for demonstrating a new app to a large audience.

Mac Mini’s

Possibly one of the smallest PC’s that we have in stock, they’re a great option when it comes to saving space on exhibition stands and can be easily hidden or tucked away. A lot of people choose to use them to run content for screens so people can watch demonstrations and explanations.

Mac features

Although there’s a number of Mac’s that you are able to choose from, they all have similar features that you can utilise. They’re instantly recognisable, with them being user friendly and able to store a number of different Apps. People have been choosing to use Mac’s as the software doesn’t crash or require updates. They’re able to be dual-booted with windows for someone who would require the look and feel of a mac but prefers the Windows interface and software.

When it comes to programs that are available on the Macs we have in stock you can expect:

  • Final Cut Studio, including Final Cut Pro, Motion 4, Compressor 3, Soundtrack Pro, DVD Studio Pro and Colour
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • MS Office
  • iWorks, which is Apple's version of Office. It includes pages, numbers and keynotes.
  • Mac Office, which is also compatible with MS Office documents, providing great ease of use.

Operating systems are an important part of any computer, and we have all Mac operating systems available for you. This ranges from Mavericks, Snow Leopard and Lion. If you so wish it any of our Mac’s can be dual booted with Mac OSX and Windows OS. This allows you to enjoy Apple and Microsoft programmes on a single machine.

The standard software you can expect on iMacs, Mac Pro’s, Macbook’s and Mac Mini’s is:

  • Time Machine
  • Quick Look
  • Spaces
  • Spotlight
  • Dashboard
  • Mail
  • iChat
  • Safari
  • DVD player
  • Photo Booth
  • iLife ‘08
  • iTunes
  • iPhoto
  • iMovie
  • iWeb
  • Garageband

If you need professional Apps as well, you can choose:

  • Aperture
  • Final Cut Pro X
  • Logic Pro X
  • Mainstage 3
  • Compressor 4
  • Motion 5

Macs are the number one choice for people that work in the creative, photography, music, web design and production industry. Apple products are always popular, and it’s a desirable brand to choose for all your hard work.


We do have iPhones available for short term hire. They’re a great way to test and demonstrate Apps that you may have made. Similar to an iPad, they can be used to check into events, and also capture data. The size of the device means it is very portable and easy to manage when working on an event.

Essential information

On the majority of Apple products it’s possible to upgrade the memory. iMacs are able to take a maximum of 32GB of RAM, and Mac Pro’s can take up to 64GB of RAM. If you require better graphics, out units are available with 1GB dedicated graphics cards. You can choose from the NVIDIA 650M as well as the INTEL HD 4000 1GB GDDR5, which are both great for rendering.

You are able to use Apple tech with other products through the use of various adaptors. These range from a Mini display port, VGA/HDMI/VGA, Thunderbolt or even FireWire, all of which are available to hire alongside your equipment to ensure you have all the connectivity you need.

If you have any questions about the Apple Equipment we have in stock, get in contact today, or join the conversation on Twitter: @itrEVENTS

Why use IT rentals for Apple equipment hire ?

If you're on the lookout for Apple equipment hire , then IT rentals is the right choice for you. Our people will be on hand to ensure you will get the best service possible. We only use high quality products when it comes to hiring a Apple equipment hire, so you can rest assured you'll be using the very best equipment. For the best experience in Apple equipment hire rental, alwalys trust IT rentals.

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