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With IT Rentals, the future of business has never looked so good

As businesses around the world scramble to keep up with the latest technology, here at IT Rentals weíve done the hard work for you.

Information Technology Rentals was founded under the principle that businesses should always have access to the latest products, technologies, and great customer service. Only when your IT is performing correctly can you and your company work to its fullest potential.

There are numerous perks and advantages to renting your IT with our experts. Our company has now been fully operational since 2000, so we know all about the best products and meeting our clientsí needs.

If you arenít sure about why you should rent with IT Rentals, or what types of technology are available, here are some helpful tips to get your started.

Whether you are presenting at an exhibition, or attending a conference, we can ensure that your business looks and operates at its fullest potential.

Why use IT rentals for IT equipment hire?

There are numerous benefits for renting your technology for a special event. If you are a business with a significant customer-interface, then itís important that you utilise technology to its fullest potential. Whether you are conducting presentations or showcasing your new website, great IT can make everything easier. Your company will stand out and youíll create an interactive environment that clients love.

Sometimes, when you are travelling to an exhibit or conference, itís not always convenient to carry your laptop around with you. Renting takes away these problems and you are safe in the knowledge that IT Rentals has you covered.

Here are some other popular reasons for to rent your technology:

  • Easy to brand for your personal needs
  • Can be delivered directly to your office
  • Can be pre-installed to meet your programme/software needs
  • Some tax can be claimed back
  • Cost-efficient for even the smallest budget
  • Short term rental agreements available between 1 day and 3 months
  • No large repair bills

Why use IT Rental for equipment hire?

While IT Rentals is certainly not the largest supplier of rented goods, we have a wealth of experience and we are passionate about what we do. We take personal responsibility for your customer experience. From offering our expertise, to arranging your rental, and delivering our product, we work hard to make sure your business can flourish.

Here are some reasons why IT Rentals is the company for you. We have:

  • Rapid delivery
  • Professional guidance
  • Reliable courier service
  • Quotes over the phone
  • Assistance with technology questions
  • Neatly packaged items
  • Hire costs online

In our company, itís important to us that our customers know exactly who they are dealing with. We have a great team at IT Rentals and we pride ourselves in offering a personalised service to our customers.

Thatís why we work with a designated courier whom we can trust, APC. In doing so, we can track your product from dispatch to arrival at your premises. There is no point in half measures.

At IT Rentals, itís not just about selling rented technology. We offer the whole package and our staff are trained to help you every step of the way. When you need IT for a business event, we will always work our hardest to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

In addition to our customer service, we know that businesses need a variety of technologies to showcase their company and its potential. Thatís why we always stock the latest and most popular gadgets. If you require AV equipment, or laptops, or even an iPad, our products are top the range. We ensure that our rentals are kept to the highest standard and we take pride in our work. We care because you care.

With regards to our terms and conditions, IT Rentals offer an unparalleled service which ensures the safety and well-being of our clients. If you are ever unsatisfied with the quality of our products, we will make sure that you receive a suitable replacement. Our products are insured and, providing there is no excessive damage, you donít need to worry about costs. Thatís the advantage of renting over buying.

What service does IT Rentals offer for IT equipment hire?

At IT Rentals, we have lots of technology that can accommodate your business needs.

We stock the following:

Apple Mac

We stock all of the major Apple products, including the following:

  • IPad
  • IPad Displays
  • Macbooks
  • IMacs
  • Mac Pro
  • Mac Cinema
  • Mac Mini
  • Ipod and Iphone
  • Apple TV


We also stock a variety of laptops, including these models:

  • Lenovo (T400, T410)
  • HP (47, DV8 1250)
  • Dell E5520
  • Samsung RF711
  • Song Vaio E17


Amongst others, here are some of our most popular PCs:

  • Dell (790, Optiplex GX760)
  • HP (DC7900 SFF, 380UK Workstation)
  • Lenovo IdeaCentre A720
  • Viper (1, 2)

For all of your other IT needs, we accommodate the following:

  • Backup/Storage
  • Display Screens
  • Fax Machines
  • Kiosks
  • Networking
  • Photocopiers
  • Plotters
  • Printers
  • Scanners
  • Servers
  • Tablet/PDA
  • Touch Screens
  • UPS
  • Voting (interactive)

In terms of our IT, we offer a wide and diverse variety that can help make your event a success.

What can I hire IT equipment for?

There are also lots of professional occasions that would benefit from hiring your technology and equipment.

One of the greatest challenges facing Exhibitors today is finding a unique and exciting way to engage with customers. These events are often crowded and other businesses are competing for the same attention.

If you want to make your business stand out, then hiring the latest technology could make the difference between you and your competitor. When exhibitions become busy and customers struggle to access your product, itís a good idea to hire multiple IPads to display your information. This is more interactive than televisions and it offers your clients the opportunity to engage further with your product. You can even speak with them directly and offer a more personalised experience (something that doesnít always happen at these events!). This will definitely give you and your business the competitive edge.

When you arenít displaying information to your customers, itís a great idea to use technology to monitor your live Twitter feeds. A large screen will allow you to access your Twitter feed in real-time and customers will appreciate your dedication. This way, you can deal with queries as and when they arise. Itís also a good way to show-off positive feedback that promote your company.

In addition to this, you can also hire IT to complete the various administrative tasks that need getting done. We supply fax machines, printers, and scanners. You might not think you need one now, but companies should always bring their own equipment to exhibitions. There is nothing worse than borrowing someone elseís printer and it definitely doesnít come across as professional. You never know what you might need!

One of the other challenges facing exhibitors today is being able to communicate with colleagues back in the office. If you are conducting an official meeting, then itís a profitable idea to hire video conferencing equipment for the day. This might not be the type of technology you would require all the time, but for special events itís perfect.

We offer a variety of exhibition services that will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. At IT Rentals, we understand that hiring the technology is only one aspect of your exhibition day. We work closely with IT designers to produce animation and interactive content.

Can IT Rentals benefit retail?

Although IT hire can be useful for businesses conferences, it is becoming increasingly popular with retail chains. The benefits are immediate and we will ensure that all of your needs are delivered on time.

If you wish to advertise your IT business online, or with tablets, then IT Rentals can facilitate your needs. Personal tablets (such as Kindles and IPads) can also be a great idea for members of staff. It will ensure that everyone is connected and that you can share documents with ease. If you are considering renting tablets for everyone on your staff, you may wish to consider our multiple tablet accessories. Stands, kiosks, and IPad viewing stations will instantly update any retail premise and give your business the professional edge.

If you wish to modernise your premises, then many retail chains are exploiting projectors and sound equipment to make their businesses stand out. These features give customers a muti-sensory experience thatís exciting and engaging. Who wouldnít want that?

If you are ever in doubt, or want some friendly advice, contact a member of our staff who will be happy to help.

Who else does IT Rentals supply to?

  • Professional disc jockeys
  • Conferences
  • Road shows
  • Public exhibitions
  • Stage performers
  • Fashion shows
  • Awards ceremonies

There are lots of companies and organisations which have used IT Rentals in the past. Quite often, when businesses are looking for short-term even solutions then they make use of IT rentals. It takes away the stress and expense of buying equipment for one-off events.

While we supply equipment for different events, we are always interested in the variety of ways that people use our products. In the past, IT Rentals have rented out products for the following venues:

  • Production areas for television
  • Universities
  • Film maker studios
  • Documentary locations
  • Music venues
  • Vocal training sessions
  • Retail stores
  • School rooms

We offer extremely high quality cameras and sound equipment, which has proved very useful for documentary teams and television producers. Although we often sell our products to professionals, IT Rentals has also rented out production equipment to individuals in the past. If itís your hobby, if you love technology, then weíd love to help.

Customer Testimonials

We have some great clients and its even better when they are happy to tell us about the good work weíve done. In the past, we have worked with Group 4 Securicor and were able to help them with their short-term IT needs. It can be difficult to foresee when youíll need IT support, such as when your computer breaks down, and pride ourselves on being able to help whenever we can. If you would like to read more about Group 4 Securicor and their testimonial, click here.

In the past, we have also worked with Jaguar to help with their internal training programme. Often this process would require specific types of equipment and even projection materials to help training go as smoothly as possible. Jaguar is known for staying ahead of the curve and their use of a diverse range of technologies reflects this ingenuity. As Peter Leake, the Training and Development Manager for Jaguar, has stated, IT Rentals offers companies piece of mind. You donít need to worry about buying equipment and dealing with insurance companies. Click here if you wish to learn more.

Why you should rent IT Rentals

Technology is changing and businesses need to adapt and change to these developments. Often this can be a stressful and time-consuming task, but with IT Rentals we do all of the hard work for you. If you require a short-term solution to your technological needs, whether at an event or in your office, we are here to help.

There are lots of reasons why IT Rentals can offer a solution to your business needs. First and foremost, we are a company with a real passion for what we do. We are always updating our stock and we are love new technology. If itís practical, if itís functional, then weíll have it.

One of the best things about IT Rentals is that we offer a personalised, friendly service. We like to develop good relationships with our clients and we always aim to offer the best possible experience. Thatís why we have our very own courier service whom we deal with directly. We like to keep track of your orders and make sure that our clientsí needs are met.

In terms of your business events, IT Rentals offers a practical and inexpensive way for you to showcase the best of what company has to offer. Whether you need something small like an IPhone or something larger like a projector screen, we have all of your requirements covered.

At IT Rentals, we pride ourselves on our unparalleled terms and conditions. All of our products are insured and we will address any problems with faulty equipment. We also rent out our products for as little or as long as need. Itís up to you.

Why use IT rentals for IT equipment hire ?

If your business requires affordable IT equipment hire , then IT rentals are the people to speak to. We have a wealth of industry knowledge ensuring you will receive a first class level of service. We only issue the finest quality items when it comes to hiring a IT equipment hire, so without question you will enjoy excellent equipment. Why go anywhere else for IT equipment hire rental, put your faith in IT rentals.

What service does IT Rentals offer for IT equipment hire?

From the initial phone call right through to the complimentary after care service, IT Rentals guarantees a customer-focussed, personal service, no matter how large or small your requirements. Think carefully about your business needs, give us a call and the expert team will work quickly and efficiently to locate the top short-term hire IT equipment hire option for your company. Looking for more? Other key services at IT Rentals include installation of specific software/programmes, assistance with construction upon delivery and a bespoke personal option so your hire goods can be branded with your company name and logo. Call us today to find out why the IT Rentals service is second to none.

Why use IT Rental for equipment hire?

Market leaders in effective IT equipment hire, IT Rentals provide an unbeatable service, always ensuring that you have all of the items that you could need. We have 10 years experience within the industry and always strive for the next level. Our site offers an ideally-suited and competitive solution for all of your IT requirements. For advice, guidance and any more information on IT Rentals, contact us today.

What can I hire IT equipment for?

Hiring IT equipment satisfies a variety of business applications. PCs, laptops and Apple Macs are available while additional equipment like photocopiers, plotters and printers will be at home in any work place. Media companies, administration firms and legal offices are just a couple of the businesses to have leased IT equipment.

What can I use IT equipment for?

  • Word documents
  • Print items in high quality
  • Send and receive e-mails
  • Powerpoint/keynote presentations
  • Online advertisements
  • Quickly and easily manipulate images
  • Optimise productivity

What service does IT Rentals offer for equipment hire?

  • Rapid delivery
  • Professional guidance
  • Reliable courier service
  • Quotes over the phone
  • Assistance with technology questions
  • Neatly packaged items
  • Hire costs online

Why hire IT equipment?

  • Easy to brand for your personal needs
  • Can be delivered directly to your office
  • Can be pre-installed to meet your programme/software needs
  • Some tax can be claimed back
  • Cost-efficient for even the smallest budget
  • Short term rental agreements available between 1 day and 3 months
  • No large repair bills
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