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PlaybackProforiMacIf you are looking for professional video playback software then Playback Pro is the program you need.

Playback Pro is designed for use by industry professionals in both Live Events, Broadcasting, Sports and Education industries to name a few, and as such has a matching price tag for the full package, however with competitive hire packages available today from IT Rentals you can have this professional presentation solution coupled with the latest Apple Mac equipment for short term hire and event packages, all at a great price.

Playback Pro caters for both standard definition playback and full high definition playback and greatly exceeds the capabilities of DVD players, giving users and operators more flexibility and output options than the more traditional playback methods.

The simple software interface combines the standard easy to use controls with more advanced features such as adjusting the output resolution (great for the array of different screen sizes and aspect ratios available for events). The software can choose how the picture is adjusted to fit the varying ratio, whether this be through stretching, resizing or cropping. You can also add in effects and visual adjustments to the clip including altering the saturation, gamma, volume and black levels, and with all effects rendered "on the fly" you don't have to wait to playback the video imagery.

Quicktime components can also be added into the Apple Mac based software which means you can playback and edit virtually any file type from the program without having to worry about incorrect formats or frame rates, which opens up the capabilities beyond the professional arena to more basic use by users less familiar with video playback.

Professional users will be pleased to know that Playback Pro can plug directly into high-resolution switchers via DVI or VGA outputs and can utilise files on a high speed RAID array or media network, eliminating buffering or streaming issues during playback.

Speak to the ITR account managers or software team for more information on Playback Pro hire with the ITR Events range of Rental Mac Equipment.

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