Types of Tablets

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Types of tablet

There are many different things to consider when choosing a tablet for rental purposes. At IT Rentals we will help you make the right decision so you are equipped with the technology which best suits your needs. When looking to choose the tablet which is best for you, you need to consider things like the screen size, the operating system you would prefer, and the amount of memory you will be needing. Be it an Apple operating system (OS), a Kindle or an android OS, each one has its benefits - your decision may even be influenced by the type of smartphone you already own.

Each of our tablets are more than capable of meeting any of your specific business needs. We strive to offer lightweight and professional tablet hire which will make it incredibly easy for you to complete key tasks, whatever situation you need them for.

Some of the benefits of hiring a tablet include:

  • Versatility
  • Portability and practicality
  • Fast startup
  • Ease of use

Below, we compare the latest tablet devices from each manufacturer so you can make an informed decision as to which one you are best suited to.

Tablet comparison table

Air(IOS Galaxy Note 10.1 (Android) Surface Pro (Windows) Kindle Fire HDX
Average Battery life 11 hours 10 hours 10 hours 11 hours
Weight 454 grams 540 grams 907 grams 413 grams
Storage space 16GB/32GB/64GB/128GB 1GB 64 GB 8GB
Processor 3GB RAM A7 Processor 3rd Generation Intel Core i5 Dual Core TI OMAP4 HS 1.2 Ghz
Price From £399 From £499 From £439 From £177
Screen size 9.7 inch (retina display) 10.1 inch Widescreen HD 10.6 inch 8.9 inch


iPads are the most popular choice when people are looking for a tablet solution. This is because they operate in an almost identical way to Iphones, which are the UK’s most popular smartphone. Since they are so easy to use, iPads are a fantastic choice for any exhibition as customers will be easily be able to get to grips with using them.

All of our iPads are updated with the latest iOS7 operating systems. This means they are incredibly easy to navigate and are ideal for Mac users. Standard IOS Apps include Calendar, Notes, Maps, iTunes, Facetime and Photobooth while there are thousands of other apps available from the App Store. Customers can download their own apps using their own itunes account or we can install them before delivery for a small charge.

Innovative iOS features such as Air Drop allow for quick and easy file sharing. You can also benefit from Siri voice activation as well iCloud which connects multiple devices. Ipads are regularly updated and are renowned for their excellent battery life which makes them an excellent choice for exhibitions.

Our most up to date iPad model is the iPad Air (Retina). It is the lightest and most compact big-screen tablet you can buy. It’s fantastic for surfing the web and gaming, whilst its 11 hours of battery life is amongst the best on the market.

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Apple’s main competitor is Android. At IT Rentals, we can supply the latest android tablet models which include the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 or the Google Nexus. We can provide tablets which are loaded with the latest OS Jelly Bean or Ice Cream sandwhich whilst standard apps include Maps, Chrome, Google+, PlayMusic and Gmail.

Android tablets are fantastic because they are extremely easy to customise. This means users have lots of choice with the design, look and feel of the tablet when they rent from us. All apps can be downloaded from the Google Play Store whilst All Share allows users to share content between a number of different devices.

Android is an open source form of tablet device. By definition, Androids can be modified to meet the unique specifications of users for both personal and business use. Admittedly they are more complex than IOS but are much more flexible in what users can do with them.

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Windows OS

A smaller number of tablets run using a Windows operating system, but they tend to be preferred by PC users who are familiar with the interfaces. Unlike iOS or Android, users may struggle to get to grips with this software. However, Windows tablets offer easier access to Word, Excel, Outlook and Powerpoint - this also means full programmes and not just App versions.

USB and video out allows for much greater functionality and storage compared to other tablets and Windows 8 OS are specifically designed as touch screen devices.

If you are looking for a tablet which allows you to type easily, look no further than a Windows device. All of our Windows tablets have a QWERTY touch cover available which means it can effectively work much like a laptop would do.

A Windows device, like the Microsoft Surface Pro, are easily customisable and have a number of built in apps which include Mail, Calendar and Photos.

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The Amazon Kindle Fire HDX is the most up to date kindle tablet device that we offer here at IT Rentals. They are a fantastic rental option of you are after a tablet which offers a mix of reading, web browsing the web, watching videos or listening to music. Kindles are suited to companies who are looking for a device for training purposes due to their capabilities as an e-reader whilst being a great value tablet option.

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