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Tablet hire with ITR

Tablets are undoubtedly one of the most flexible and useful electronic devices currently on the market. At ITR, we stock a variety of tablets (including iPads and Samsung Galaxy tablets) which are available for hire. The great thing about tablets is they’re lightweight, portable, and extremely powerful. For these reasons, tablets are incredibly useful for businesses and individuals who require short-term solutions to their technological needs. Whether you’re organising a training day, or exhibiting at a special event, IT Rentals gives businesses security and peace of mind. We’ve been supplying IT products to hire for over 10 years now, so we have the experience and knowledge to develop technological solutions for our customers.

At ITR, we stock a variety of tablets from the best manufacturers in the industry. This includes iPads, Samsung Tabs, Google Nexus, Kindles, and Microsoft Surface tablets. Whether you’re looking for a tablet with a powerful memory (like the iPad Air 16GB) or something with a large screen (such as the Microsoft Surface Pro), we have something to suit everyone. All of our tablets are Wi-Fi enabled and come installed with the most up to date iOS, Microsoft, and Android operating systems.

There are many advantages for companies who choose to hire their tablets. First of all, there are no large upfront costs such as those associated with purchasing a tablet. All of our tablets are set at a very competitive rental price. Your tablet can also be delivered to you; making sure that none of your valuable time is wasted shopping and collecting your electronics. These are just some of the reasons why individuals and businesses choose to hire their tablets.

Here is a summary of some of the most important points for hiring tablets. If you have any questions, or would just like to learn more, then please contact one of our members of staff.

Why should you hire tablets?

We’ve already touched upon some of the reasons why companies hire personal electronic devices (like iPads for instance). However, this really is the tip of the iceberg. Hiring tablets are a fantastic way to cut down on costs; when you hire a tablet, the price includes the cost of insurance and delivery. Our delivery staff are also happy to help you get started when you receive your tablet. Here are some of the most important benefits to hiring a tablet.


When people hire tablets, they are often able to purchase a model that they might not be able to afford upfront. If you are organising a company training day, for example, then it would be extremely expensive to buy new tablets to accommodate a short-term event. This is where tablet rental becomes incredibly useful.

In terms of convenience, hiring tablets from ITR is a great way to save on precious time. If you hire an iPad, for instance, then we can install a variety of Apps for you before your tablet is delivered. This means that your iPad is ready to use as soon as you receive it.

Additionally, many of our tablet brands (like iPads) come with optional display accessories. We stock Griffin Airstraps and iPad Stations; both of which are fantastic products that make hiring tablets for your exhibition stand or event easier than ever before. We stock everything is under one roof for your convenience.


Beyond the convenience of hiring a tablet, we also stock a wide range of personal electronic devices for our customers. This is because we understand that our customers use tablets for a variety of purposes. If you want to get the most out of hiring a tablet, then you need to find a model which suits you and your needs.

We stock some of the most popular and well-renowned tablets in the world. Amongst others, this includes:

● Samsung Galaxy Tablets ● iPad Air (Retina) ● Kindle Fire ● Google Nexus 7 ● Microsoft Surface Tablet

By stocking a large range of tablet products, we are able to offer our customers the best possible tablets available on the market.

Operational Excellence

When you hire the best tablets on the market, you also have access to the most current operating systems open to tablet users. In the case of the iPad, for example, all of our iPads come with Calendar, Notes, maps, iTunes, FaceTime, and Photo Booth as standard. For this reason, when you hire tablets with ITR, you can be rest assured that all of our products deliver operational excellence.

Beyond the iPad, we also stock Samsung Galaxy Tabs and Android based tablets; the main tablet competitor to Apple mobile devices. We stock several versions of the Android tablet, including the operating system Jelly Bean and Ice Cream Sandwich. One of the benefits of using the Android OS is that it’s highly customisable. You can choose which Apps you require (before delivery) and even choose an additional 3G or 4G pre-loaded sim card for data connectivity capability.

At ITR, all of our products are maintained to the highest possible standards. We rigorously ensure that our tablets are not delivered unless they meet our specific requirements. Furthermore, all of our equipment can be insured by the Hire Association Europe (HAE) to make sure any potential damage is quickly and thoroughly repaired.

What occasions benefit from tablet hire?

There are many scenarios in which businesses can benefit from tablet hire. Here are some of the most common occasions where individuals will hire tablets.


For those of you who organise and attend business conferences, tablets can be a great way to interact with clients and colleagues. iPads are one of the most user-friendly and common tablets, so people are used to handling them for various apps/games. However, if you require something smaller, then the iPad Mini is much more compact. It’s easier to hold and is thus more convenient to transport to conferences. We also offer a range of applications tailored to add interactivity to a conference.

For those of you want to give a presentation at a conference, then you may wish to consider a Microsoft Surface Tablet. These fantastic devices have a detachable keyboard and are comparatively larger, with a 10.6” touch screen. For presentations, however, the Surface Tablet comes with Windows 8 built in. This means that your tablet comes with Word, PowerPoint, and Excel; all of the features you would expect from Microsoft. You can sync the tablet with an overhead projector, for example, and use the tablet screen from which to conduct presentation.


Exhibitions are an exciting opportunity for businesses to showcase their products, while generating new leads and meeting other competitors. Nevertheless, they can often be stressful if your company is unprepared. Tablets are a fantastic way to let technology do the hard work for you. If you choose to hire tablet stands, like the Powered iPad Kiosks and iPad Exhibition Hub, then you make it easier for your customers to interact with your business.

iPads can be used in conjunction with Plasma/LCD screens to run company content. Many tablets now come installed with video playing software, making it much easier for users to engage directly with technological content. Additionally, if you use tablets to control this content, then you can set the video on a loop while it is being shown on a screen or display. This allows businesses to have complete creative control during their exhibition.

Finally, the majority of our tablets can come with HDMI, VGA, and DVI outputs upon request by the customer. At ITR, we are able to provide you with additional cables which will facilitate this interaction. There really are no limits for the uses of tablets at exhibitions.

Training days and Business

If your office has a sudden influx of employees for a training day or special event, then it can be highly useful to hire tablets. It can be costly and time-consuming to purchase individual tablets for one-off events. In contrast, it’s much more effective to hire your tablets in terms of price and operational reliability.

ITR can install any additional software onto your tablet that you require before delivery. Our Apple tablets also come with built in video-calling software which allows you to interact with individuals from around the world at any time. This can be an extremely worthwhile feature, especially if the members of your office are not all under the same roof.

Furthermore, tablets are a great way to complete work while on the move. These days, depending on your sector, it can be common for employees to travel both domestically and internationally for work. While this can often be inconvenient, tablets facilitate employees to work more efficiently. At ITR, all of our tablets come pre-installed with the latest Operating Systems to suit your needs.

Altogether, it simply makes good financial and business sense to hire your tablets.

To find out which tablet would be ideal for you, take a look at the various types of tablet you can hire at ITR now.

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