Apple to sue Samsung over Galaxy design

Apple has announced that it is suing Samsung for copying its iPhone and iPad designs. The company claims that the Galaxy range of phones are highly derivative of the Apple technology.

According to Apple the design features of the physical handset, as well as the software, ‘slavishly’ copy those of the iPhone. Samsung has countered this claim by commenting that it carried out its own market research and development.

Samsung Galaxy products utilise the Google Android operating system which is currently the biggest rival to Apple’s OS. It was recently revealed that an astounding 38 per cent of smartphones in the UK run Android. Over 35 per cent of phones in Germany also run on the Google operating system.

Recently the Android market share rose in Japan and America reaching figures of 58.3 per cent and 54.7 per cent in each country respectively.

However, the companies do have a history of working together. Samsung provides Apple with microchips for products such as the A4, A5 processors and memory chips used in Apple Macbook Pro computers.

“Samsung’s development of core technologies and strengthening our intellectual property portfolio are keys to our continued success,” commented Samsung in a statement as a response to the allegations.

The smartphone platform has resulted in many lawsuits including Nokia suing Apple – in turn Apple sued HTC Corp. There is some debate over how to patent the designs for smartphones as gadgets such as the iPhone rapidly grow into everyday essentials.

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